Natural pain relief......

The Sanctuary Massage Studio, LLC is now offering CBD Hemp Oil Massage!  

CBD (cannabidiol) encourages the body's natural ability to heal. Well known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits, CBD hemp oil will be infused into my massage gel for this extremely relaxing and therapeutic hour!  Absorbed through your skin, CBD from hemp oil, enhances pain relief as well as adding a level of comfort and deep relaxation as your tissues respond to this amazing experience.


One Hour CBD Hemp Oil Massage      $95

90 Minute CBD Hemp Oil Massage      $130



Learn more about CBD and how it can help you!! This is a link I found extremely helpful and informative as I began my journey to learn about CBD from hemp can be in helping so many health issues in our everyday world. 

Summary of Conditions Affected by Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System